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IKK Ichigan Inc. was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 23, 2006 as Importer and assembler of Jinbei China brand of trucks in the Philippines. It started as a wholly owned corporation, with an office and warehouse in Tondo, Manila. The company began the importation of various Jinbei light trucks from .5 tons to 10 tons such as Normal Trucks, Closed Cargo Trucks, Dump Trucks and other variant trucks.

Last October 2007, a franchise dealer with display area, parts and service facilities was established in Quezon City right across Trinoma and SM North, along the busy highway of EDSA. It was named Jinbei Auto Philippines. This dealership was given the challenge of establishing a niche for a truck-only dealership complete with after-sales support.

During the first quarter of 2008, as the business look promising, the company expanded and hired several salesmen and develops a network of salespeople in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Presently, the company is continuously developing the dealership nationwide with on-going construction of vehicle show room as well as the service and maintenance facilities which include spare parts stock room. This is all anchored upon the entirely new management staff consisting of selected key personnel who have extensive knowledge of and exposure in the truck industry. These key officers were allowed a free-hand to handle the business as a result of the stockholder's belief in decentralized management.

The company also boasts of its vast financial resources needed to truly establish how the automotive industry should be. Through the entrepreneurial management of Mr. Romy To, a Filipino-Chinese businessman, whose name is always associated with good reputation and promptness, for being able to deliver the goods ordered on time. The company is now in a position to offer the market a wide array of trucks specifically designed to satisfy and delight customer expectations.


To establish pre-eminent market position in the truck industry in the Philippines, where JBC will be the preferred brand above all others.

By looking to the future and the potential it holds, IKK Ichigan Corp. with a strong partnership with JBC China will aspire to assemble and sell JBC trucks to Philippine market.


To establish our market by consistently exceeding the customer's expectations for a quality priced truck for every business need.

The superb reliability of JBC trucks will embody our lasting commitment to nation building by promoting the betterment of every Filipino entrepreneurial expertise.


To be the No. 1 assembler and sole distributor of China-made light trucks in the Philippines reinforced by a reliable after-market team to perform its service commitment.